D.I.Y.SPY (Do It Yourself SPY) is a light-RPG  game where you cooperatively work with found objects from your pockets, house, office, or yard.

Premise: A group of spies decide to not take high-tech gear on missions anymore. You are the spies on a retrieval mission and find you have to make gadgets as you go.

It is light on the role-play (there is no lengthy character creation or roll-playing) and game side (no competition to win), and accentuates a short comedy adventure with improv storytelling and physical props.

Player Goal: To be ingenious with what you’ve got and what happens.

2-9+ players
Ideal = 6 players
Variation for 2 players 


Play Time
1hr+ (for this online version, shorter for the card game version being developed)

Party Game
Comedy Adventure
GM-Less One-Shot RPG
Improv Storytelling Game



Comments by Cardboard Edison judges:
— “The props mechanic is very clever.”
— “This certainly stands out from other improv games, especially through its scenario cards and use of props.”
— “The use of physical objects in an improv board game is something I have not seen before and will make for replayability.”


What You Will Need:
- One player is the host who guides the story prompts from the screen. They can play too.
- You can play over Zoom/videochat, or in person.
- Access to rooms and objects around your house, office, or room(s).
- This version designed for videochat play, but can be played locally.

There are options during play for mobility-restricted players, and prompts to audio describe visuals for blind or low-vision players. All players will need to hear each other.


DIYSPY logo with characters holding household objects

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