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Blurb: Explore your interior life through your buddy’s map making. In pairs, you’ll be making maps and journeys unseen, until the meaning is revealed. 

Players: 2 or 4 players (currently sighted or partially sighted, with some fine motor dexterity)

Play Time: 15-30 mins depending on player number & conversation.

Equipment: Each player brings:

  • video and audio chat if online play, a shield to hide the maps if in-person play.
  • a sheet of paper to draw on (A4/Foolscap/Letter is good), or dirt or sand if you’re outside.
  • a little piece of paper to write your own note on.
  • a drawing implement (pen, pencil, or texta/marker).

Example Map:


DENA_Deep Map Reading Game.pdf 304 kB

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